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Sticky deletion confirmation Empty Sticky deletion confirmation

Fri Feb 24, 2023 7:16 pm
Hi Tom,

delete a note is not at all the same than delete it "permanently" (with shift key).
In the first case, the note is only moved to the waste bin, and can be recovered very easily... while if it is "permanently" deleted, no way to get it back, or at least a "difficult" way using database backups.

For these reasons, it would be great to be able to ask for a confirmation when "permanently" deleting notes, and do not be "annoyed" by this confirmation for "simple" deletions.
While currently, the option "Confirm note closure" applies the same way to both situations.

We could imagine two separate options ("Confirm note closure", and "Confirm permanent note closure"), or (better, IMHO) only one option with three values ("Never", "Only permanent deletions", "Always")
(Because I do not think that it would make sense to ask for confirmation in case of "simple" delete and NOT in case of "permanent" delete, and then I do not propose this fourth value for the option....)

Thanks in advance in case you adopt this evolution in a future release....
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