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The Last Revision - Stickies Empty The Last Revision - Stickies

Fri Jan 07, 2022 2:30 pm
The Last Revision - Stickies

The Designer and the Programmer are persons of skill and vision, 
At least they are until they hear, That hated word REVISION.

The Programmer with practiced eye, Surveys his grand design, 
The Designer draws so expertly, Each complicated line. 
Complete! They sigh contentedly, "Miraculous Precision!" 
Oh Optimists! Tomorrow Brings, Catastrophe! REVISION.

Revision one, adds one new part, Revision two, improves it. 
Revision three, makes it just right, Then number four, removes it. 
"You can't do this," "You can't do that," We'll wait for a decision, 
"But in the meantime, just revise, That last revised REVISION."

Revise! Revise! The very word, Fills Programmers and Designers with dread. 
Tho' die they must, they'll be revised, To make damn sure they're dead. 
They hope that God's no Perfectionist when he makes his decision,
If once thy win their wings they hope, There'll be no last REVISION.

unknown (Adapted for Stickies by RLD 2017)
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