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Stickies v10.1c released Empty Stickies v10.1c released

Sun Oct 16, 2022 4:19 pm
...and 10.1b, it looks like I forgot to post here about that version back in March.

Both are bug fix releases - here's an amalgamated list of first the changes:

  • Can no longer size image notes when they're rolled up
  • Added more informative errors on a failure to load the language DLL
  • Can now drag stacks from Manage to Desktop
  • Shift-deleting selected text will "Cut" it. With no text selected, the key press will still "delete line"
  • Menu items to change selected text case or size will retain the selection

...and now the fixes:

  • Fixed disabled recurring notes showing a junk "next wake" date in Manage
  • Fixed not being able to set 100% opacity in Settings
  • Removing a note from a stacked stack in Manage now shows the note correctly
  • Setting a colour just before closing or sleeping a note now updates the preview colour in Manage
  • Clicking the "Check all" button in the Recurring dialog now sets the OK button
  • Searching using a tag, but not a search term, now includes sleeping/recurring notes in results
  • When loading corrupt/huge stack windows, the size is brought under control
  • Infinite loop removed when changing large note DPI
  • Debug log message "slept for" now added correctly
  • Stack indicator now set when creating a note in the Manage window
  • Trying to size an image to zero pixels no longer causes a crash
  • Using "change case" buttons with no text selected no longer wipes the note
  • Skin button "highlight 6" and "highlight 7" now do something
  • Entering single digit hours and immediately pressing Return in the Sleep dialog now sets the time correctly
  • Fixed being able to access encrypted content after re-locking the app
  • Repeating "Failure to backup" message fixed
  • Fixed a display issue for help text in Settings when the Scrollbar check box is ticked
  • "Screen grab an area" toggle slider fixed
  • Sleeping a note past January 2038 no longer crashes Stickies
  • RTL shortcut keys now set correctly in the Manage dialog
  • Store note dialog now better remembers whether the note should be encrypted
  • Recurring notes with a future start time now work correctly after Stickies is restarted


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Stickies v10.1c released Empty Re: Stickies v10.1c released

Sun Oct 23, 2022 4:20 pm
Just updated to Stickies v10.1c and double clicking a desktop Stickie did nothing.  Checking under Manage Stickies did not show the Stickies on the desktop.  I could see closed stickies and was able to restore them and they would open, but not stickies no the desktop. 

I closed stickies, cleared memory with ReduceMemory from Sordum.org, restarted Explorer and they then started working as intended. I am running win 10 x64 with all current updates.

I haven't figured out what caused it but wanted to put it out there in case anyone else experiences this.  I believe a restart would also have fixed it.
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Stickies v10.1c released Empty IDP.ALEXA.53 virus infected v 10.1 c installer

Tue Nov 15, 2022 12:58 am

unfortunately as was apparently the case with version 10.1a, the installer for version 10.1c is being quarantined by Avast Antivirus.  Avast claims that the 10.1c installer is infected with the virus IDP.ALEXA.53.

Here is a link for someone on this forum reporting the same issue a few versions back:


Maybe it is a false positive - though my antivirus software is fully up to date.

I have provided a screenshot in case it may contain anything useful.


Dani Buoy
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Stickies v10.1c released Empty IDP.ALEXA.53 virus infected v 10.1 c installer - screenshot

Tue Nov 15, 2022 1:00 am
Stickies v10.1c released Avast_10
Dani Buoy
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Stickies v10.1c released Empty Re: Stickies v10.1c released

Tue Nov 15, 2022 1:16 am
Apologies, I updated my virus definitions, and now the Stickies 10.1 c installer runs and no virus detected warning is given.
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Stickies v10.1c released Empty Re: Stickies v10.1c released

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