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[Stickies] Somes new missing functions for a better experience (suggestion) Empty [Stickies] Somes new missing functions for a better experience (suggestion)

Sun Oct 16, 2022 2:53 pm

First, thank you really much for this apps. I try many equivalent apps, and this is the best !

In the next realise, it is possible to include :
- option to display full note when note is rolled up and mouse is in the head of this note ? (auto rolle down provisory until mouse stay in the note area)
- Add option check box when there is a list in note (for check and uncheck easly with mouse like "notezilla apps")
- Cloud synch option (pay option ?)
- "Tab" stick in corner of screen with vertical title menu when note is move out of display. With this, if I work for exemple with excel, if I mouve the mouse to the right of display, all notes "tabbed" to the right display are showing... I hope I'm clear ?

Thanks .... and thanks for your work.

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