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Suggestion for Caffeine Empty Suggestion for Caffeine

Tue Aug 03, 2021 5:03 am
Hello All,

Recent new Caffeine user and here's a suggestion that I think could make Caffeine ever more useful for me:

I use the active hours command line option (-activehours) and I sometimes need to suspend the schedule so I can do certain tasks or let my machine sleep/lock. These tasks are of unknown lengths of time, so the Active/Inactive for xx hours/minutes does not suffice. So I have been forcing Inactive/Active cycles, but then it is not following the active hours schedule any longer. So, right now, I have to exit the current invocation of Caffeine and invoke it again to get the active hours again, which seems a bit extreme, but I have not found another way to have it work as I want.

I suggest that 3 options be added:

  1. Suspend active hours to active mode
  2. Suspend active hours to inactive mode
  3. Resume active hours schedule

Thanks for reading and I hope you consider the suggestion.

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Suggestion for Caffeine Empty Re: Suggestion for Caffeine

Sun Sep 05, 2021 5:44 pm
Yes that's interesting.  Try this:


When you're using -activehours, if you override whether the app is active, an extra menu item will appear to revert to the active hours.

Let me know if it works OK for you?

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