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Fri Jan 29, 2021 6:18 pm
I have just upgraded from Stickies 4.5 to version 10.   Amazing set of options, but...  one of my main uses for Stickies 4.5 was to strip off text formatting from various articles etc. prior to insertion in a desk top publishing program.  Also, I could copy a column of email addresses from Excel or Access and tidy them up in Stickies 4.5, while Stickies 10 applies a graphical table.

The new Stickies has text formatted in RTF and I find this very inconvenient!  I really enjoyed the ability of Stickies to strip off formatting - not conserve or apply formatting.

So, question, is it possible to configure the new Stickies to not apply any formatting,etc., to not apply a specified font, etc?

Many thanks,  Roger Skidmore, Isle of Wight.
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Sun Jan 31, 2021 4:41 pm
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You can find all keyboard shortcuts in the helpfile under   Reference \ keyboard shortcuts .

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