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Bart 3.1 Feedback Empty Bart 3.1 Feedback

Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:31 am

I am a new bart user, here is my feedback.

- Potential Bug: after downloading and unzipping bart, Selecting Enable/Disable all tasks creates a file "default" 0 KB in size. Run all, will run a job (there are no jobs added yet) and a Message will pop up "Job Complete"
I believe this is not correct. As no job has been created yet, rather than running a ghost job, a MessageBox should appear asking the user to create a job first. What do you think, did I miss something?

- Potential Bug: Run selected will run selected Disabled jobs. I believe this should not be the case, showing a MessageBox is probably more appropriate

- Small Inconsistency: Button "Colour" should read "Color"

- Enhancement Request: Add Context Menu "Clear Log Window" when mouse is over Log (ListBox2)

- Minor Issue: I believe when adding a new task the window title should read "Add task" rather than "Edit task"

- Enhancement Request: Add a Window in help menu "Command line help" or similar and show the program switches with a small

-  As multiple task can be run, probably it would be better to allow only one single Bart instance, to avoid violations:
Encountered a sharing violation while accessing debug.log

- Enhancement Request/Bug: Add check: source and destination cannot be the same. If source and destination paths are equal may lead to issues.

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