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Use Scroll Lock LED on keyboard to show status of Caffeine Empty Use Scroll Lock LED on keyboard to show status of Caffeine

Sun Jul 17, 2022 1:47 pm
Hi there,

First off all, Caffeine works great for me. Really appreciate your work. I was wondering, if it is possible to show (and of course toggle) the status of Caffeine while the tray icon is hidden. I know I could just show the tray icon and toggle by double-click or context menu, but I like my tray as lean as possible, so I use Caffeine without showing up in the tray. Also, setting up different key combinations for shortcuts to control the current Caffeine instance is only half the solution, because I don't see the status.

Previously I was using SpeedAutoClicker, to generate activity, but that thing also shows a tray icon – and it cannot be hidden like Caffeine. But SpeedAutoClicker has a feature where you can set a key to toggle its function on/off. I use the Scroll Lock key, since it is rather irrelevant these days and the side-effect is, that the LED on the keyboard shows the actual state.

I think, that would be a pretty nice addition for Caffeine, too. Then I could run it without a tray icon, toggle it on/off with the Scroll Lock key and also see the actual state on the keyboard.

What do you think? Is it useful?
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