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Ability to right click or have shift passthrough while left-dragging a sticky Empty Ability to right click or have shift passthrough while left-dragging a sticky

Sat Apr 16, 2022 4:06 am

First, thank you for an absolutely amazing program. I downloaded it and love it!

I use the FancyZones program in Windows PowerToys:
ht tps://docs.microsoft.c om/en-us/windows/powertoys/fancyzones
(I had to break the link to make the forum software happy.)

FancyZones is a perfect complement to sticky notes because it allows me to set up a grid-like layout for each monitor and very quickly snap stickies into it. For example, on one monitor I have a space for two stickies off to the left, and I quickly drop any sticky into one of the two spaces. It's awesome. I have each monitor set up exactly how I like it.

With that said, there are two ways to activate the "snap to grid" functionality in FancyZones:
  • the first is by tapping your right mouse button as you drag the window toward the zone with your left mouse button. Unfortunately, I can't do this with Stickies because it pops up the context menu for the sticky.
  • the second is by holding the shift key down as I drag the stiky. Unfortunately, the shift key must be blocked in stickies because the snap to grid functionality doesn't activate.

As a result, Stickies essentially can't be used with FancyZones.

Feature request:
  • make it so that when you left-drag a window, any right clicks are ignored by Stickies so that they pass through to FancyZones and activate snap to grid.
  • make it so that when you hold shift down when you drag a window, FancyZones ignores the shift key so that it passes through to FancyZones and activates snap to grid.

(My apologies if I mischaracterized how the products interact on a technical level. I just know that FancyZones works with most software, but these two methods don't work with Stickies.)

Thanks for an amazing and feature rich program and for keeping it free for all of these years. It's a great tool for Windows power-users.
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Ability to right click or have shift passthrough while left-dragging a sticky Empty Re: Ability to right click or have shift passthrough while left-dragging a sticky

Thu May 05, 2022 7:03 pm
First, thanks for (re)introducing me to PowerToys.  They've come on a long way since I first encountered them in the Win95 days!

I note that one of them pretty much replaces another of my apps, Caffeine.  Caffeine still has a few more features, but that might not last long!

I've installed PowerToys and enabled FancyZones.  I think it's MS you need to speak with, not me.  I think the toy filters which windows it works with.  I noticed that even the more conventional Manage and Setting windows in Stickies aren't recognised by FZ.  However, by checking the "Allow popup windows" option in FZ, I was then able to get the Manage and Settings dialogs recognised.  That makes it clear that FZ is filtering windows, as you'd expect it to.

However, I don't know why it filters out Stickies note windows.  I've tried altering some window settings to see if I can see why it's excluding them, but no joy.  It's not that Stickies is "eating" the shift or right button (although both have an effect on notes) but instead that (I think) FZ is choosing to ignore note windows.

Sorry - maybe try asking MS what's going on.  If I can adjust my code to fit in better with a nifty utility I will do, but we'd need help from the FZ developers first.

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