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ZBar Feature request Empty ZBar Feature request

Wed Sep 19, 2018 9:44 pm

First, this "zbar" program is exactly the kind of tiny program that I like very much.
Lot of programs are very heavy and most of the time the normal user use 10% or 20% of features.
I'm programer too with dozen of tiny program, and like you, all are freeware (or donateware).
After testing UltraMon,DualMonitor,DisplayFusion and MultiMon TaskBar, I choose ZBar
A huge thanks for your job !

Now, sorry for my little request, an notification area on other monitors should be great, but I know how Windows works and sure it's not an easy request.

Anyway, my post is more to send a big thanks than to hope this request in next version.

(with a forum without register ! another great option ! )

Best regards

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ZBar Feature request Empty Re: ZBar Feature request

Mon Oct 01, 2018 5:37 pm
If you're a coder then you'll appreciate what a big job it is to add an extra tray area to additional taskbars!

I'm not sure whether the APIs are even available for reading the current task bar, getting the icons, and then duplicating them.  Faking a right, or left click might be easier, though...

In any case, with the release of W10, and the extra taskbars built into that OS, ZBar doesn't get so much attention these days.  I'm glad it's still working OK for you though!

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