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Sub-bullets Empty Sub-bullets

Sun May 13, 2018 2:01 pm
I feel like this is such an obvious request that it must have either been posted before, or the developer has made an announcement about it.
Could sub-bullets become the next feature or would that be too much of a hassle to program? It's fair if you find it unnecessary; using tabs as pseudo-sub-bullets doesn't do much when line-breaks, for obvious reasons, are not auto-tabbed as well.
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Sub-bullets Empty Re: Sub-bullets

Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:37 pm
It's something which has been mentioned before, yes, and I should take a look at when I get a moment.

The rich text control will already support it, so you should be able to paste in multi-level bullets from other apps, just there's no way to control/edit/add/remove them in Stickies at the moment.

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