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Win10  Virtual Desktop display. Empty Win10 Virtual Desktop display.

on Wed Jul 08, 2020 3:51 am
  I am using Stickies on Win10, it's very cool. 
  But I found an issue is: all notes will display on all "Virtual Desktop" in Win10. Is there any way to customize which "Virtual Desktop" show on?
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Win10  Virtual Desktop display. Empty Re: Win10 Virtual Desktop display.

on Fri Jul 17, 2020 10:06 am
I've looked into similar things in the past - or should I say similar products which provide virtual desktops.  Thing is, they all "cheat" by selectively showing and hiding applications.  You don't actually have multiple screens - it just seems like you do.  If the rules which virtual desktop software use to show and hide windows aren't quite right, then you'll see issues like the one you report.

I've changed a few things in Stickies in the past so that virtual desktop software can better work with the app, but you need to check in with the people who write the virtual desktop software to get them to change how it works, rather than me.

Desktop notes are windows with a class and title like all the others on your system, so there's no technical reason why they can't work correctly.  Of course, that means getting through to MS.  You might have better luck trying a different piece of virtual desktop software.

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