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Stickies Skin Designer Difficulties Empty Stickies Skin Designer Difficulties

on Tue Apr 21, 2020 11:02 pm

After years of using Stickies (and some time on my hands) I was motivated to try the Skin Designer.  This is because I got a new 4K monitor and most skins did not display properly.  The one that does is the Default (which I believe to be Stickies9).  So I set about to make some minor modifications, with the thought that if I could do that, maybe I'd make more changes later.  I've spent some hours and have not succeeded in doing what I wanted to.

I'd like to say before going on that I've loved Stickies for many years.  I would probably forget to do many things if I didn't have sleeping Stickies pop up at just the right time to remind me.  I realize that this is free software, and Tom is under no obligation to make it at all, let alone make it usable for someone as seemingly incompetent as I.  Nevertheless to sum up:

First difficulty / question:  I loaded the Stickies9.ini file and made a few changes.  These included the Title and Source in the middle pane under Skin Settings.  I then Saved As with a new name.  If I then close the program and reopen it and reopen my file, those settings have reverted to "Stickies Skinner" and "Tom Revell".  The fields under Edit, Info remain unchanged, as I had entered them, so maybe this doesn't matter.

Second, more significant difficulty / question:  Skin Designer's "Skin Preview" properly displays the mods I have made.  I then "Export to ssk" and then in Stickies go to Settings, Appearance, Skin to change to my newly created skin.  In the "Skin chooser" I open the file, and the "Preview" pane displays what I have done.  (The simple changes I started with involve the font, color and alignment of the Title, easy to see.)  I then click "Set Skin".  But the Stickies don't change to reflect the new skin, nor do new ones use it.  I should note that changing to any of the several other skins I have downloaded and placed in the Skins folder does work properly.

What have I gotten wrong here?

Some things I've checked and tried:  File, Check for Errors gives none.  Copying the new skin into the Skins folder at Program Files (x86)/Stickies/Skins doesn't cure it.  Exiting the program and restarting doesn't help.  Reinstalling Stickies doesn't help.

I thought I would put up a link to my .ssk file, in case anyone wanted to have a look at it.  But it seems that I as a new member am not allowed to.  Perhaps the following will work, and you can translate: 

https:// double-u double-u double-u dot dropbox dot com/s/1ql95dknf1lckdr/Daves%20V9%20Mod.ssk?dl=0

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Stickies Skin Designer Difficulties Empty Re: Stickies Skin Designer Difficulties

on Tue Apr 21, 2020 11:40 pm
Perhaps I didn't explain it very well - that "Skin Settings" on the main dialog of Skinner is pretending to be what the user has set for a note.  You'll see that all the things which you can alter for a note are there - you can set the on-top status, the title, the width and so on.

As you change those values, the preview is then created based on those settings, and your skin.  So, as you click the On Top checkbox, the preview will alter to show what the note will look like with on-top set on and off, and of course that depends on the skin.  To that end, all those settings are transitory, and so not saved as part of the options.

Your skin (I downloaded it) looks fine to me - although for a moment I thought there was a more complex problem.  Instead, I expect I saw what you're seeing, as you mention you're on a high DPI display.  The changes you've made are for the default layout, and that applies when the DPI is set to 96 (100%).  As your monitor is (probably) set to something higher, that layout isn't active when you load your skin in Stickies.  However, the preview in Stickies is a 96 one .. which is why you see your modifications there.

Short answer - change the DPI drop list in Skinner to match your monitor DPI, and then modify the elements in the list on the left which are black (not grey), as those are the ones you're seeing when you load your creation into Stickies.


PS you don't need to export to ssk to load into Stickies, you can choose an ini file if you click the Browse ... button in the lower corner of the Skin chooser dialog.
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