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Restore Stickies Much Effort Empty Restore Stickies Much Effort

Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:38 pm
Hello. New to the forum and looking for some guidance. I am using Windows 10, latest version, and Stickies v9.0e.

Earlier today, my PC shut down improperly due to a power outage (which, unfortunately, happens rather frequently here). When I was able to turn the PC back on approximately 20 minutes later, Stickies presented a window listing "unrecognized" (not sure of the term used) notes, identified by numbers only. The only options were to close them or open them on the desktop. After reading the message, I opted to close the window and use Restore from the app menu. 

However, restoring required me to re-enter titles and recurring or custom sleep dates, times, and frequencies on EACH old note!! VERY time consuming!! I looked at Properties but I did not recognize any sleep information (dates, times, frequency, etc.) if it was in the Properties form. The Edit option was not available because, apparently, all Sleep information was lost. There were numerous duplicates, apparently because closed notes were intermingled with those that had been sleeping or open on the desktop. 

This has not happened before when the computer shut down improperly due to a power outage which, as I said, happens relatively often. I have seen a similar window in past incidents but, not being sure what to do, I have always clicked the Done button and, somehow, everything was okay. This time, however, when I clicked the Done button, right-clicked the app icon, and chose Manage Stickies, all notes were gone, requiring me to restart the computer to access the "unrecognized" window again. 

I'm thankful I didn't lose the notes, but there must be an easier way. Did I fail to see something or is that the only way to restore notes?
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Restore Stickies Much Effort Empty Re: Restore Stickies Much Effort

Sat Feb 08, 2020 7:06 am
Restore Stickies Much Effort HtkYY5g

Do you have autobackup enabled ( that creates the dated directories ) ? If you restore from one of them all info should be back ( sleeping times are in stickies ini ).
To try it out , you could exit stickies and copy stickies.exe to one of the directories and double click it , it should start a version of stickies with the content of the backup.

I would clean install stickies ( after renaming or deleting stickies data directory because the installation does not overwrite datafiles ! ) and just use stickies " recover " option to have my ( one day old ) stickies back it only takes a few minutes . If you have important stickies created after the last backup you can try recovering them using the ssid program   https://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/stickies/tools.html  ( you have to save the " messed up directory " before using recovery to be able to use ssid later on them ! ) .

BTW i would open the unrecognized stickies and look at them to see if they contain something you want to keep , i know the list can be long but if you think they are recent stickies it is worth the time  .

Restore Stickies Much Effort WUm9O4V

All data is in those files ( well not the ones created later ...... )
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Restore Stickies Much Effort Empty Re: Restore Stickies Much Effort

Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:19 am
Thank you, Sooyke, for the information and images to demonstrate. I checked and I do have backup enabled. Apparently that is the default for the app since I did not manually set the option. 

I think what happened, since I had not had to deal with this before, was when I clicked Backup and saw the list of file locations, I saw nothing that led to any backup files. The same applied to the Restore option -- I saw no folders or files that were helpful. I later realized I did not have hidden items checked under the View tab in File Manager; therefore, I could not see the App Data folder under my user name. That brought me to a dead end as far as using a backup. 

Apparently, (I do not remember exactly what I did) I clicked Restore without choosing a backup, if that is possible. As you suggested, I clicked each note listed in the window that opened to see a description but there were so many and it was confusing because there were duplicates. I ended up simply opening them all on the desktop and going through them individually, re-inserting sleep information on those that need to be recurring. THAT is what took so much time. 

Hopefully, now that I understand better, if it happens again I will be able to use a recent backup. 

I didn't understand your instructions about clean install and renaming the "data directory." I'm not sure what the "data directory" is. I tried to insert an image of the contents of my [user name] > AppData > Roaming > Stickies folder but I couldn't figure out how to do it and gave us because I was spending way too much time. I tried "hosting" an image from my computer; then inserting an image by typing in the url shown on servimg.com but I must have done something wrong. All I saw inserted was a tiny icon for an image. 

In any case, thank you again for your reply. All is well now and, hopefully, I'll be a little more informed it this happens again. 
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Restore Stickies Much Effort Empty Re: Restore Stickies Much Effort

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