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STAND ALONE .rtf Thumb-Nail Viewer Empty STAND ALONE .rtf Thumb-Nail Viewer

Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:55 pm
The Manage Stickies - Thumb-Nail Viewer works great. 

(It might be a .sti based Thumb-Nail Viewer.)

A STAND ALONE .rtf Thumb-Nail Viewer that works the same would help a lot for the Back-up .rtf files.

If the Manage Stickies - Thumb-Nail Viewer is a .sti based Thumb-Nail Viewer - a .rtf/.sti STAND ALONE Thumb-Nail Viewer would be even better.

Best would be a .rtf/.sti STAND ALONE Thumb-Nail Viewer that had selective - NORMAL/LARGE Thumb-Nails for the Stickies Back-up files.

All above with - Select Thumb-Nail - integrated full info viewer as in Manage Stickies.  

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