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on Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:29 pm
Seems the STACKS are utilizing the STICKIE COLOR PALLET. A COLOR PALLET specific to STACKS is needed. I have only made a cursory examination but it looks like you can not preset a Color. I mean when selecting Set color (colour) there seems to be no way to define 'Style Colors:'  (colours:).  Selecting 'Default' sets the STACK color to the STICKIE background Default color.

I think the preferred approach would be to utilize something similar to the MS Paint Pallet v6. This would provide 16 possible preset 'Style Colors', I am of course a little bias as I utilize the Form, Fit & Function Suites that have 16 Colored Skins and I match the Stack color to the particular Skin color. When some are just on the Desktop and not in a STACK it does not matter, the STICKIE COLOR PALLET works fine, except, that it also needs 16 possible preset 'Style Colors' so i can set the STICKIE background to a very light shade of the particular STICKIE color.

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